Tollywood adapting Bollywood style

Bollywood is one film industry that works with a proper planning and in corporate style. Right from the script work to the storyboard and the pre-production, everything goes as per the plan. The release dates of the films are announced well in advance even before the film commences the shoot. This avoids clashes between films and prevents further controversies. The planning also ensures a wide release for every project. The entire movie cast and crew members participate in the movie discussions and go through a thorough script reading.

But this never happens in Tollywood. Telugu film industry is now adapting the Bollywood style after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. The release dates of all the upcoming Telugu movies are announced well in advance which is a great positive sign for Tollywood. With several films delayed because of the pandemic, most of the filmmakers planned their upcoming schedules and calculated the post-production time after which the release dates are announced.

Several filmmakers are in plans to continue this trend which was initiated recently. Most of the actors are keen to work on multiple projects per year. Right from Megastar Chiranjeevi to Natural Star Nani, everyone is planning to complete their upcoming projects in quick schedules and release them to avoid the wastage of money. Chiranjeevi informed his makers to complete the shoot of the Lucifer remake and Vedhalam remake in three months each.

Top actors working on multiple projects will provide employment for lakhs of workers and will generate enough revenue and this also brings back the industry on to the right track. Tollywood should soon adopt such new plans to avoid unnecessary controversies and head for a smooth and comfortable release for their projects.

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