Myanmar junta writes to Bangladesh about takeover

Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen.

Myanmar has written to Bangladesh through the ambassador in Yangon explaining the military takeover of February 1.

The current interim government conveyed that some 10.4 million fake votes were cast in the national election in Myanmar held in November 2020.

‘We got a letter. They gave the letter to our ambassador,’ said foreign minister AK Abdul Momen sharing the updates with the reporters after attending a function on Saturday.

After the takeover, the military administration reached out to Rohingyas in Rakhine State which is seen as Myanmar junta’s ‘desire to gradually bring back normalcy’ in the region.

‘These are good news. It’s a good beginning,’ the foreign minister said.

‘Whatever may be the military’s new approach and policy on Rohingya and Rakhine issues, it’ll take time to get a shape,’ a diplomatic source told UNB.

Momen said Rohingyas in Kutupalong camp expressed happiness hearing the news from Rakhine.

Earlier, Myanmar said they are committed to begin the repatriation of Rohingyas as per the bilateral agreement signed with Bangladesh in 2017.

Bangladesh handed over a list of 840,000 Rohingyas to Myanmar for verification. Myanmar has verified only 42,000 people which is 5 per cent only. ‘There’s a serious lack of seriousness,’ said the foreign minister.

Momen said they are doing their part but Myanmar is not helping the same way. He said he is always hopeful of beginning repatriation as history says they took back their nationals in 1978 and 1992.

Responding to a question on Al Jazeera report, Momen said there is a Bangladeshi gentleman who always asks such questions in the UN.

He said Al Jazeera has lost its credibility by broadcasting false reports and people in Bangladesh understood it.

Momen said Bangladesh investigated when there was any credible allegation but ignored if there was fake accusation.

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