Modi’s so-called ‘grand design’ against neighbour backfired

Salahuddin Haider

NO point apportioning blame on the unfortunate 1971 crisis, culminating in Pakistan’s division within less than 25 years of its inception, and creation of Bangladesh in the erstwhile East Pakistan, but attempts made by ZA Bhutto and visit to Pakistan for the 1974 Islamic Summit by Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman had bridged the gulf considerably. Pakistan recognized the new born country as gesture of goodwill and it did work.
The role of Indira Gandhi, although too significant, yet the rule of the thumb began to apply soon. India’s neighbours like Bangladesh, Nepal and a tiny state like Bhutan, are now feeling uncomfortable and angry over Modi’s designs to dominate them. Needless to emphasise here that the bond of religion is too strong and morality of Bangladeshi people has not changed, but the Indian government of Nirender Modi and its RSS partner are out to eliminate Muslims methodically. Brutalities have been committed to Muslim population of India, and other minorities in the name of ‘Hindutva’, but instead of reaping the benefits for Modi, is threatening India’s unity.
Hazrat Ali’s quote that infidels administration can survive, but a government involving in tyranny and terror is bound to die soon, hold good centuries after it was said. It is proving true today. Before going into the rapidly deteriorating relations between India and Bangladesh, it is pertinent to recall here several myths have been propagated by Indians regarding the 1971 War which are contrary to the real facts.
India suffered its major setback when Iran threw It out of the Chahbahar project, and now Bangladesh may be joining OBOR which is against Indian desire. Bangladesh must retain her independent foreign policy and attempt to untangle the web of Indian influence.
Indian hostility against Pakistan is too well known to recount, but New Delhi must be feeling ashamed of itself after the WhatsApp leak from Modi-condescended TV anchor Arnab Goswami which completely exposed Indian army Generals and Air Force officers about Pulwama episode, and the arbitrary annexation of Held Kashmir on August 5 in2019.
Despite that Indians remains unchecked in their designs to foment terror and trouble in Pakistan. India has not only launched anti-Pakistan campaign in Bangladesh, but is creating problem for BD students’ organisations as well. Most analysts had thought that lesson taught by the Chinese army during Indian adventure in Ladakh would be lessons for India to control itself, but a power-drunk Modi refuses to learn from repeated mistakes.
The Chinese treatment, repeat of 1962 NEFA humiliation, proved much more costly than before. Indian drubbing encouraged Nepal, tiny Bhutan, and Bangla Desh to review their links with Delhi. The Ladkah indian changed the political scenario. Indian dream of dominating the region stood shattered, but Modi refuses to budge, little realizing it is damaging India itself. Voices have begun to be heard against him and for sanity from government to save Indian uity. Nothing seems to work.
A recent emergence of Mukhtijhoda Manch, a pro-India organization has been busy spreading hatred, and contempt against Pakistan and also creating dents in student organization of Bangla Desh/ The Mukhti Manch goons attacked Indian students, who according to Dhaka Tribune said some organizations are using their names and usurping their rights to conduct controversial and anti-people activities, defaming them and their country..
The Mukti Manchan received a statement from 16 freedom fighters against Muktijoddha Mancha, after they attacked and injured several members of Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council (BGSRPC) recently. The statement said Muktijoddha Manch sought advantage from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) — hateful, sectarian, and anti-religious laws passed by the Modi government in India. They even attacked the rallies held by Bangladeshi students in solidarity to the movement carried out by Indian students and mass people.
No action has been taken despite their photos and videos being published by different media houses and students, victims of the incident, informing concerned authorities, it added. The statement said according to article 25C of its Constitution, Bangladesh is committed to show solidarity to all movements against any ongoing colonial and racist activities in various countries.
Muktijoddha Mancha or whoever is misusing the Bangladesh history and going against the constitution, no matter which party or opinion they support, are treasonous and should be immediately sent to trial, it added. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) applies a religious test to whether illegal migrants from neighboring countries can be fast-tracked for Indian citizenship. It advantages Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsees and Jains, but not Muslims.
The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register of all Indian citizens whose citizenship is mandated by the CAA. Detectives have finally detained two alleged attackers a day after lesser known Muktijuddho Mancha activists unleashed violence at the premises of the Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu), badly injuring the Ducsu Vice President and scores of other students.
The detention and interrogation of two Mancha leaders by the city’s detective branch comes hard on the heels of a 24-hour ultimatum set by general students for arresting the attackers, following the previous day’s incident when the perpetrators also forcibly took away CCTV footage in an apparent bid to erase video proof of their enemies.
Not only that, the greatest setback to Indian diplomacy and attempt to browbeat Pakistan and small neighbours put India to shame as a Modi-condescended Tv anchor Arnab Goswami’s Whats App chat leaks laid bare the lies about Pulwama attack in Pakistan, and the arbitrary annexation of Held Kashmir into Indian Union.
Now voices have been raised in House of Commons from British parliamentarians about brutalities committed by Indian forces on the Kashmiris in Indian control. Modi is up against problems which could well be multi-faceted.


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