COVID-19 infections top 55,000, deaths hit 746 in Bangladesh

COVID-19 infections top 55,000, deaths hit 746 in Bangladesh

COVID-19 claimed the lives of 37 more people and infected 2,695 others in Bangladesh in 24 hours ending 8:00am Wednesday.

With these figures, the death toll rose to 746 and infections hit 55,140, said Nasima Sultana, additional director general of the Directorate General of Health Services, in the daily online bulletin on the COVID-19 situation.

‘In the past 24 hours, 12,510 people were tested and 2,695 of them were found positive for COVID-19,’ she said.

COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh until June 3, 2020. Source: Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research

Bangladesh on March 8 confirmed its first COVID-19 infections and on March 18 the first death.

The country is in the 13th week of infections and passed 88th day on Wednesday. So far Bangladesh tested 3,45,583 samples— with one confirmed case against each six tests. In recent weeks, the number of infections and deaths increased manifold.

On the first four days of the 13th week, 10, 532 infections and 136 deaths were recorded. In the 12th week, 12,530 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 and 158 people died of the viral disease. The number of infections was 11,083 with 138 deaths in the 11th week.

The 10th week saw 7,225 infections and 100 deaths, while the infections recorded in the ninth week were 4,980 with 39 deaths. The eighth week registered 3,792 infections and 35 deaths. Until April 30, the country reported 7,667 COVID-19 cases and 168 deaths.

Novel coronavirus infections and deaths are feared to climb on after the government on Sunday lifted restrictions on public movement, resumed public transport services, businesses and offices— following the reopening of markets, mills and factories, and malls on May 10.

Nasima said that 6,498 suspected patients were in isolation on Wednesday. Among the 37 new deceased, 28 were males and nine were females.  Thirty-one of them died at hospitals and five died at homes while one was brought dead at hospital.

The number of deaths at home was also increasing in recent days. At least 43 people either died at home or were brought dead to hospitals since May 17.

Nineteen of them died in Dhaka division and 13 died in Chattogram division.

Their ages were: one in 21-30 years, three in 31-40 years, five in 41-50 years, 12 in 51-60 years, 12 others in 61-70 years and four in 71-80 years.

Besides, 470 people were released from hospitals in the 24-hour period as they showed no symptoms of novel coronavirus infection, Nasima said.

So far, 11,590 people have been declared cured.

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