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KENDRAPADA: A Bangladeshi ship ‘Tug Svitzer Khulna’ re-sailed at Sadhav offshore engineering company’s dry dock in Paradip after successful repair of its high-tech thrusters-based propulsion system on Thursday.
The tug belonging to Svitzer Offshore, a Maersk Shipping subsidiary, had sailed to Paradip from Chittagong port, Bangladesh, solely for carrying out these propulsion system repairs. This is first in a series of Svitzer ships expected to come from Bangladesh for dry docking. Maersk is one of the largest and most respected shipping companies in the world. It follows very stringent standard of quality and safety practices. Previously, the ships operating in Bangladesh were sailing to Singapore for dry docking repairs. Svitzer/Maersk recognised the proven capabilities of Sadhav providing high quality and reliable ship repair services within a short time. After an initial screening and audit, Maersk empanelled Sadhav dry dock at Paradip as their only empanelled shipyard in the Bay of Bengal region. Sadhab company headquartered in Mumbai is founded by Kamal Kant Choudhury, said Abhas Chandra Chaudhury, executive director of Sadhav offshore engineering company in Paradip.
“Since 2002, our company has been repairing Indian ships and Coast Guard ships in Paradip,” added Chaudhury.

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